Bridle, interactive performance, iron, and leather, 2018
As a human rooted in a particular social and cultural environment, I am exposed constantly to different and sometimes contradictory rules and restrictions. These boundaries are set by others, who seem to have the legitimacy to regulate my body by enforcing and commenting on how I should behave, dress, and shape it. Historically, these others were the ones who had the power of legislation. While with the help of the media, these "others" have extended to the farthest people and cultures. The influence of others on my body is taking place under their gaze, judging the style and formation context and regularity of me and my body.
Consequently, my body and I have become an animal that is forced into a vicious circle, or as it is called in Farsi: Dawr.
The techniques I used for making this piece are leather aging with wax and fire and iron smithing. The work was presented on the opening day of the third contemporary artistic jewelry juried exhibition. This interactive performance lasted 3 hours at Aria gallery in Tehran.

Video and edit: Amireza Eskandari
Photography: Hatef Hosseini
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