Video Art, 2018 - 2021
Trinity consists of three different videos that I recorded from my father from 2018 to 2021 and the voices of three people telling a story. The story called Father that I wrote in 2020 is about a person watching her father walking around the yard all his life. The video depicts my father's relationship with his body during sleep and prayer, and with the suit. I brought together social, familial, and sacred definitions of the word father.

english translation of the story:
Father always walks around the garden. He rarely talks to anyone. Today he only said one sentence: "Connect that hose to the tap!" Then he started watering all around the garden. Sometimes he drags his right leg angrily as if something is stuck on the ground. The soles of his slippers are worn again. I should buy him a new pair. He used to talk more. Every time we returned from school, we used to run after him, walk around with him, and tell him the stories of that day. Or at the sis' wedding, which we had to celebrate in the garden, he drank and sang and danced around the garden with her and gave her the dance money, that mom had hidden in his pocket. I dressed him in a suit. Not because I could hold him, but because I was small enough to hang from his neck and button his white shirt. The same white shirt that the crow pooped on. Then he threw up on it. Then Mom gave him the hose to wash around the garden. But today, I gave him the hose. Not mom. I should get up from the porch now. The water is overflowing from the edges and rising on the walls. The sound of the father's feet circling in the water echoes in my head. I pass the stairs two by one. I sit on the roof and watch him now that water has reached his waist. He still holds the hose in his fist and spins it around. When we were children, we never played hide and seek. Sis said our father always cheats and doesn't show up. She was right. I close my eyes. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. I open my eyes. Father's rotten slippers are floating on the branches. I should search to find him.
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